The Hospital Guild Inc.

​The Hospital Guild Inc.

​We had an enjoyable time in our workplace lecture/discussion series this year - we appreciate your participation.  Attached are the free CE's for your learning enjoyment. 

​By quorum dated July 6, 2017 the majority of Muslim directors and majority Muslim officers renamed the guild:  The Prayer Center An-Nabawi, Ltd.  

​The directorship also approved the following amendments to the purpose:

​1.      To hold to the highest Islamic principles of brotherhood and oneness of Faith in the Ummah, holding prayer meetings monthly with potluck dinner, with hopes to one day to build or rent/lease a Prayer Center for people from all countries and all sects of Islam, with a community center with library and internet; and an online Islamic university; and

2.      To continue local and international community projects as propounded by The Hospital Guild Inc as able to;

3.      To participate in local and international food aid projects as able to; and,

4.      Other projects as the Board of Directors may from time to time direct.

History of The Hospital Guild Inc.

​We're a non profit since March 2016 consisting of volunteers.  We have donated over 260 vases to the veteran patients and employees at the VA Hospital for two years, provided personal care items through a community drive, did a lap blanket sew in December 2016 and January 2017, and donated office supplies and other needed items to the VA Hospital.

Additionally, we have donated hats, caps, puzzles, created and donated cartoon coloring books, toys and craft supplies to both local and other children's cancer and rehabilitation hospitals.  And, multigenerational participants created a candlelit ring for the Embudo Towers Meals on Wheels dining room at Thanksgiving, and made an ornament strand to a Mexican Hospital in late December with a message of peace and hope.

This year we continued our lap blanket sew in and initiated other projects, including a free CE workplace lecture and discussion series at the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center.  Copies of CE's are available by mail, please contact us at P.O. Box 66974 Albuquerque, NM 87193 for more information.  Additionally, we have done a personal care kit drive and T shirt drive for the VA Hospital this year and assisted in the hospital getting a fabulous donation of used books from Friends of the Library.